"Our wines are uncorked out in the world and brought into important milestones and moments in people’s lives….. To walk around the tasting room and have our guests tell me what our wines mean to them is the ultimate reward. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Once you're at a great place you never want to leave.”

–Winemaker Jennifer Higgins

Winemaker Jennifer Higgins

Born and raised in Sonoma County, Jennifer Higgins immersed herself in winemaking while working with the legendary Zelma Long of Simi Winery. After earning a degree from UC Davis in Biochemistry, Jennifer worked in Italy for two years before returning home to take a tasting room job as she studied for her medical school entrance exam. Before long, Jennifer abandoned her aspirations for medicine and dove into the cellar, learning the artistic complexities of the winemaking process from Zelma and her team.

It was veteran winemaker Jill Davis who gave Jennifer her first official production role at William Hill Winery in Napa Valley. Jennifer worked as Jill’s apprentice for three years prior to her eleven-year tenure at Lancaster Estate where she collaborated often with the iconic David Ramey.

In 2010, while directing the production at Lambert Bridge, Jill recruited her protégé to take the lead winemaking role –a synergistic reunion that further elevated Lambert Bridge’s wine program. The two winemakers worked closely until the end of 2014 and, even now, Jill continues to serve as a valuable consulting resource in our ongoing effort to produce exceptional wines. Jennifer’s fervor is infectious and her commitment to excellence unwavering; her life’s passion is demonstrated in every bottle of Lambert Bridge.