Grilled Pork Tenderloinwith Sundried Tomato Butter

1 C red wine
2 T Dijon mustard
1 t chili flakes
½ yellow onion, grated
2 T chopped fresh thyme

2 pork tenderloins, silver skin removed

Whisk together all ingredients. Place pork tenderloins in resealable bags and pour over marinade. Marinate for 3-4 hours. Prepare grill to medium high. Cook to desired doneness, 6-7 minutes per side for medium rare. Let rest, slice and top with sundried tomato butter. Serves 4.

Sundried Tomato Butter

1 stick unsalted butter, softened at room temperature
8-12 sundried tomatoes (not in oil) rehydrated in Zinfandel
2 T parsley, roughly chopped
Salt and pepper

Place dried tomatoes in a bowl and cover with wine. Once pliable, remove tomatoes from liquid, squeezing out as much excess wine as possible. Roughly chop and add to the bowl of a food processor with all other ingredients. Blend until just combined, the mixture should be bright red. Place on a large sheet of plastic wrap and form into a cylinder, about 1½ inches in diameter. Roll up in the plastic wrap, pushing in as you go, to form a tight log. Refrigerate or freeze until needed. Slice and serve as needed.

Pairs well with Lambert Bridge Zinfandel

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